Welcome to Massage Adagio! We’re so glad you've come to visit!

Please come visit me at my new location, my home!

You will enter and exit through your own door and have access to your own bathroom. No-one from the house will be using these areas, so it will be kept as your space by doing this. I hope to limit any pathogenic exposure by keeping the space limited and impeccably clean.

Please wash your hands upon arriving and leaving (or appropriately use hand sanitation, but I truly believe soap and warm water is the best and most environmentally friendly). Also please refrain from touching surfaces or walls unnecessarily if you can (seems weird, but this really helps keep things clean). Everything will be disinfected on a super duper level….something that comes easily for me!

Enjoy your time here. It’s small, but cozy, clean and inviting.

160 Justin Morrill Memorial Highway
Strafford, Vermont 05072

Park where you can and follow your nose...

See you soon!

We are an eclectic and caring massage based collective offering a wide variety of body / healing work provided by Licensed and Certified practitioners with over 55 years combined experience. We hope we might meet you ‘where you’re at’ in your journey by providing intuitive listening, genuine caring, organic flowing and inspired guidance, to start with. We hope you will find your experience here to be one of complete nurturing and trust and one where you might sink deeply into the mystery of your senses.
Adagio is a metaphor that might beckon us inward to a place of peace, calm and slow relaxation. In musical terms, adagio is a slow and melodic phrase. So following this concept, one might find oneself lost in a healing dance where one can connect with the stillness and silence of the mind. In this stillness, energy begins to flow throughout the body, the mind can rest in the heart and healing is restored.

We invite you to find yourself going deeply into your bodywork journey with us, and we hope you may enjoy many aspects of 'Adagio' in your sessions-to-come!

Healthy journey to you!!

Massage Adagio

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You are wonderfully intuitive and intelligent. Able to see/ hear/ feel what my body wants and needs. Thank you for years of massage and I look forward to many more.
-MK B.(MBA-Tuck School of Business, Mother, Earth Steward)